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Single Parents & Two-Career Families


There are only 24 hours in a day, and that just isn’t enough time to do the things you enjoy and get your work done. MeMa Mates knows how precious your time can be so let us help you with your chores so you can enjoy the important things in your life.


We not only provide our services with guaranteed satisfaction and fair prices, but we also give you a little space to breathe. We can ease your hectic schedules by completing your Chores and To Dos, and allowing you the opportunity to spend your precious time on precious things.


While you are at that important meeting, we can wait at home for that special delivery. While you spend time with your children, we can finish up all those pesky chores. While you travel, we will lend our neighborly eye to watch over your home and pets.


Knowing your home is safe and running smoothly will open the door to tranquility and peace of mind.  Let MeMa Mates be your personal concierge service.

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