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When it comes to seniors, it’s all about trust, valuequality, and respect.

MeMa Mates strives to meet these four values.

We employ people from the same neighborhoods where our senior clients live. This enables us to build trusting relationships and respond quickly when you call. The relationship that we have with each client is the core of our organization. We are MeMa Mates, after all.

Our clients should not have to pay an electrician to change a light bulb! But unfortunately, this is often the only alternative a senior citizen has when he or she can’t call family or friends and can no longer do the job themselves.  Our savvy homemakers are able to perform many household chores at a fraction of the cost of a handyman.

We also offer meal planning and preparation.

If we cannot do the work ourselves, we will help identify and contact people who can. So even if we are not directly providing the services, we are providing a layer of quality and control over the process. We make sure that the people who enter our clients’ homes will work with the same values of trustsimplicityquality, and respect that we so strongly believe in.

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