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Why the name MeMa Mates?

My mother is known to all her grand children as MeMa. She is a senior now and often needs help with jobs around her house. A mate is someone who you can trust to be there when you need help. The name “MeMa Mates” came about to describe our clients and the relationship we have with them. MeMa Mates llc hires stay-at-home parents from your neighborhood who are experienced managers of homes just like yours. MeMa Mates makes sure that they are handy and can complete most home maintenance jobs. They are also savvy negotiators with contractors and insurance agents to help you get the best service for the price.

What is a Chore?

Chores are all of those “little jobs” that you know need to be done, but you may not have the time or energy to actually do them. These may include putting boxes away in the attic, organizing the basement, or changing the batteries in that hard-to-reach smoke detector.  We usually tackle several of these “chores” on a visit to your home. These jobs are completed by qualified, bonded, and insured stay-at-home parents from your neighborhood.

The following are some of the chores that we have helped homeowners with in the last month:

  • Organizing garage and storage shed for a garage sale
  • Sanding and re-painting a front door
  • Trimming a hedge
  • Hanging pictures

What are To-Dos?

To-Dos are those jobs that may take more time and expertise to complete. These may include simple carpentry, plumbing, or electrical work.  MeMa Mates recruits the handy people we recruit from your neighborhood who have the expertise to get these jobs done right!

When a To-Do requires the services of a professional contractor, we will help manage the selection process and make sure you get the best value for your money.

  • Fixing a leaking toilet bowl
  • Replacing the lamp over the dining room table
  • Painting and repairing garage door
  • Hanging shelves in laundry room

How much does the MeMa Mates service cost?

We charge $29 per hour for Chores, and $69 per hour for To-Dos. We also sell memberships starting at $59 per month, which include a two hour visit each month to help you get your chores done. Acts of Kindness are free, of course.

Do we work with our clients who want to do part of the job themselves?

Absolutely! We will paint the ceilings and you can paint the walls.

Is MeMa Mates bonded, insured, and licensed?


MeMa Mates llc is fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured in the state of PA.  We are handy, caring and capable people recruited from your own neighborhood.

Owner Jim Williams has completed the CAPS course, which is Certified Aging in Place Specialist.  This is a National HomeBuilders Association certification. He is also a member of the American Handyman Association.

Will we do work not mentioned on the website?

We are like the restaurant chef that cannot put all of his/her wonderful dishes on the menu. Just ask and we will help.

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